Capturing variables with tagging

Tracking data on your website is crucial to understanding what works on your site and what is being ignored.  An easy and effective way to do this is to tag certain actions on your site so you can track what is being done on your site.  By tagging certain actions, you can track things such as how far down someone scrolls on your site or what links they click on. Having the ability to track the buttons that are clicked helps identify, for example, if someone places an item in their cart but does not buy it. Using google tag manager with google analytics and google data studio allow you to easily track and report the data that you find.  An important step to setting up tracking is to have a trigger.  A trigger is what sets off the tracking code and helps report what the user is doing to google your analytics page.  A large number of websites do not use tagging and google analytics to track user behavior and because of that they lack the information to get a better understanding of what is popular on their site and what is being ignored.  For more information regarding this topic, check out the attached video. 

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