Why Use Email?

“No one reads email” is the claim for why email marketing is dead. But email marketing is not dead and people do still read emails.

What is Email Marketing?

How many emails are currently in your inbox? We are inundated with emails letting us know about products, what sales are going on, to purchase something or that we have already made a purchase. All of these promotions are forms of email marketing. Therefore, email marketing is not dead, we still get them sent to our inboxes. It has just become more important to stand out from the crowd.

How has Gmail Changed Email Marketing?

Gmail has changed email marketing in how they set up people’s inboxes. Gmail automatically filters out promotional emails into a separate tab. This means that your emails won’t be the first your consumers see. Without the ease of being in the line of sight, you risk people ignoring your emails. It’s important to change up the format and make them emails people want to read.

How Is It Useful?

In an inbox full of promotions why is your’s the one people will read? You hope it is because they like your company and product. However, that might be true of all the emails your consumers receive. So what makes you different? why should people read your emails?

Make sure that your emails are relevant!

There is a reason people signed up to get your emails. Coupons, sales, and reminders of items in carts are great and always relevant. But, it’s trickier with social good campaigns. Connect your campaign to your brand. promoting a campaign to the audience is great but if it isn’t relevant no one will read it.

Learn more about this topic from Larry Kim’s talk! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g28xLMUuu3s&feature=emb_logo

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