A/B and Hypothesis Testing

A/B tested is a very important part of digital marketing. A/B testing is a way to create multiple advertisements, layouts, and pages. We use this to see which will drive the most traffic and get the most engagement. In class, we thought about the changing of colors and layout of different google merchandise products. A hypothesis test goes along with the A/B testing, you are guessing what will happen when you are changing something about the marketing. 

I want to create a hypothesis test about the advertising of the Nazareth music department’s website. I hypothesize that if we have more pictures and videos of the students playing on the homepage of the site people will be more encouraged to click on another page. We need to show the audience the Nazareth college music department, not just tell them about it.  Right now there is a lot of information, which I believe is a little overwhelming. We want the consumers to know why they are there and hook them. Then we want them to look at other pages.

We will use our tags and triggers created last week to see if there is a difference in the data and if my hypothesis is correct. From this information, we can go forward with building the website and see what else we want to hypothesize. 

Sources: https://support.google.com/optimize/answer/6211930#create-a-hypothesis 

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