A/B Testing!

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a process in which one compares two different versions of a website. Although they are very similar, only one or two things should be different to learn exactly how those individual aspects affect the overall statistics. By keeping everything besides your changed variable constant, it allows you to get the best understanding of the effect of a certain change. A/B testing is a valuable tool for companies looking to maximize their website. What better way to reach your fullest potential when there is room for trial and error?

How did I utilize this?

I utilized A/B testing by changing the color of my title to blue, also making it bold. I was wondering if by doing this, potential viewers may see this and gain interest in what I have to say. I could find this out by testing the scroll rate for each website version. I know when things are more aesthetically pleasing people spend more time in a store. Well, the same goes for websites, that’s why another test I could do is to see how long someone is on my blog. If they are there for multiple sessions with the change then the title change could be helping. Since it’s not a major change i’m sure it wouldn’t have major effects. But you don’t know until you try! You never know what is going to help your website performance. That’s the essence of the importance of A/B testing right there!



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