Digital Ad Interaction

Personally, I don’t do a lot of shopping around, I traditionally know what I am going to buy prior to visiting a site. In addition to this, I use ad blockers on most of my digital devices to avoid accidentally clicking through to something accidentally, and also because I find them annoying. The only websites I don’t filter through are news sources, mostly because they don’t let you, and Amazon. Amazon saves order and search history, so products you looked at but didn’t buy reappear, and complimentary products are shown for products you’ve already ordered. There have been several times when I’ve clicked through to product pages based off of Amazon’s recommendations, and a few when I’ve actually purchased the product. When I see a product I’ve been looking at in a recommended feed, It’s almost like a reaffirmation that I should purchase the product. The more it’s shoved into your face, the harder it is to resist purchasing it.

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