Conquer Google with SEO

After observing George Do’s video, which explores the concepts of expanding seed keywords, I believe that becoming #1 on Google’s search engine page is completely “do”-able… for most companies. Of course, with broad statements as such, there are going to be exceptions.

George used a trekking pole as an example in his video, and showed us the various ways that he can optimize the search for his product specifically. This would ideally allow him to surpass the other companies that appear when “trekking pole” is searched. Everything he suggested companies to do, is surveying and researching the internet around the specific niche his product lies in. Sounds simple. Yet, I think he just chose a well-balanced niche. To become the #1 spot on Google in a more popularized or trending topic might be a more difficult task to tackle. If your smaller company is trying to become the #1 result on Google for “laptop”, good luck beating out Amazon or Best Buy. However, if your niche is art supplies, and you’re trying to optimize the new paintbrush you’re selling, you have a greater chance. Just follow George Do’s advice. Scavenge for all of the seed keywords you can find, from competitors, blogs, social media, suggestions, etc, and compile that information. Of course, paintbrushes is just one example, and search engine optimization is crucial for any product.

If you truly want your product and company to succeed, don’t optimize your search just once. Keep doing it, or else you’ll inevitably fall below your competitors. The ones who become #1, are the ones who consistently adapt to the ever changing world of digital marketing.

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