The Benefits of Old and New Search Consoles.

New search consoles have a lot of benefits for all types of users. They are more advanced, and are more efficient to use. These search consoles are very helpful for search engine optimization as well as developers. These can be very useful for the average person as well, just looking to gain information.

The legacy search consoles do not yet have updated replacement in the search console. Replacements are being worked on but have not yet been implemented. These are used by site owners, and some of tools are more advanced.

I think that the new reports and the legacy reports are both important. They provide website owners with a lot of useful information that help them be successful. With the new reports you can look at performance reports, as well as use URL inspection tools, look at possible security issues, as well as many other things. All these tools combined help build a successful and healthy website. Google is the largest search engine, that is very well know, so sites want to be able to have a strong preference on there. There is a lot of information that can be learned from these tools. Websites can learn about a lot of useful data such as click rate, impressions, and site position. I believe legacy reports haven’t been updated because they are too difficult to update. These tools are generally for advanced users, so they are probably more complex.

In an article from PML, it talks about the benefits of Google search console. Google keeps you up to date about potential errors and issues with you’re website. Google will then send you an message about the issues and it states it could be something ” like a detected hack attack, a malware warning, a manual penalty for bad linking practices or other technical notices which the search engine may send via the Google Search Console”. Google search console is all around a very useful tool for websites. Another benefit is ” App developers can use Google Search Console to add deep linking to their apps (which allows app pages to show up in users’ mobile search results), connect their app with a website, handle crawl errors and more. ” Overall all of these tools can be very useful for a website.

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