Overview Cleary there are many different ways and strategies to gain your audience and users. The best way to attract your audience, is by knowing who they are! A good way to do this is called, segmentation. Segmentation gives you the opportunity to take your audience as a whole and divide it into 4 different […]

How Important is a Tag?

When we say tag, we do not mean a price tag of a product. It is crazier than that and we don’t even see it because it’s embedded into a website, (EX: HTML). You can essentially tag anything you want on your website to get the results you want to improve based on the users […]

Current Reports vs Legacy Tools

Overview: After reading and viewing both ”reports at a glance” and the “legacy tools and reports” I saw a lot of differences. The information talked about in the current reports was familiar with me, which was easier for me to relate and understand. It involves what we have been working with thus far in the […]

Connecting to Your Audience

Overview Connecting to your customers via website is the only way your business is going to be successful in the modern era. It has innovated incredibly over the past 10 years, as many people, like myself would always go to the store to get products. Now, everyone is using business’ websites to interact with their […]