Content: Lay It on Thick or Thin


One thing that marketers need to focus on is captivating their audience through effective messaging. It is becoming increasingly harder to stand out amongst other marketers and really make your content truly unique. With organic reach dropping more and more and the chances that you will rank as highly as you want to makes it incredibly hard to return an organic search.

When it comes to content distribution you can either spend time or money. So how can we effectively reach the right people at the right time? Best practices suggest using all social media networks, owned channels, email marketing, in-app notifications, and sales outreach.

The key is to think differently and to rise above other influencer marketing. You don’t want to be like most marketers because that will give you the same result as the others which will make it even harder to make your content stand out. By using behavior reporting it will enforce the ability to extend that message to the audience you really want to reach. If you can use behavior reporting to set yourself apart it allows you to have an edge against the other marketers. By exemplifying your audiences behaviors, you are able to target and position your ads based off of what you know of the consumer.

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