Not Reaching the Right Audience? Try Custom Affinity!

What is custom affinity?

As a business owner you want to make sure that you are reaching the right people. Not everyone has the same interests and hobbies so don’t waste your time advertising to the wrong crowd. With the help of Google Ads and custom affinity you can customize your settings to reach the right people based on what they already look at online. You can choose from a wide variety of categories to ensure your ad will show up when a user looks up a certain key word or that certain category. This is a really useful tool that is easy for any business to use.

How to install audience targeting into your ad group!

This video describes how to install audience targeting to your ad group.

Things to consider:

When using this feature there are a few things that you should consider to make sure that you are targeting the right audience. When creating an audience, you want to make sure you are targeting one category at a time. You don’t want to target to many at a time so you have better controls over the data and better controls over the settings if you need to adjust them. One of the key things with audience members is that you want to keep previous visitors coming back. So you want to keep track of past users and those who made recent purchasers. That way when they are searching through social media or though google, your ad will pop up for them making them consider revisiting. As much as returning customers are important and those who search the keywords that match your site, you also want to keep in mind those who search similar results. For example, is you are searching for sporting equipment, but you sell camping supplies, you may want to include those people in your search because you also sell law chairs and coolers. This providers the user with more options and who know they may like what you offer and come back for actual camping materials in the future. Finally make sure you are using good keywords that users would use to search your site or ones that would eventually lead users to your site. The audience is the reason for your product and service in the first place so make sure you are getting in with the right crowd and your voice is being heard.

To read more about custom affinity and the advantages it can give you, click the link below!

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