Is Creativity a Necessity?

Do you need to have creativity to work with Google Data Studio?

The use of the term “creativity” often describes someone with a keen eye for aesthetically pleasing designs. Creative people can easily solve problems using unconventional methods. While it may be easier for someone with natural creativity with technology to create reports in Google Data Studio, I do not believe that it is a necessity. I think all humans have a sense of creativity. Additionally, people show their creativity in different ways. I do believe it is necessary to be able to adapt your creative skills to the needs of the report. Even though your creative skills may not be specific to technology, you can still have success with this program.

The Basics of Google Data Studio

Charts are an efficient way to tell a story about the data. A chart shows data in terms of dimensions (x-axis) and metrics (y-axis) so that the data can be visualized in a meaningful way. The way in which the data is visualized, “depends on the type of chart and how you’ve styled it” (Fields in Reports). With the help of Data Studio’s friendly user interface, and some knowledge of data analytics, I believe that anyone can effectively create reports without being “creative”. The term “creative” is subjective. Anyone can be creative using the Google data studio platform if they know how to use it.

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