Do you need to be a Big Spender on ads?

The Big Spender Issue nn (Chick Publications)

When doing a google search, we usually don’t get any organic results until halfway through the page. So all the results we see above the fold are ads of a big spender. But does spending a lot of money on ads beat the competition?

Not always, smaller businesses don’t have the same budget as bigger companies so for them its not worth spending all that money. Instead smaller businesses should focus on using good keywords, creating an easy to use website, and being active on social media to get there name out there.

Of course, being a big spender on ads is helpful when trying to beat the competitor but it not always the best option for companies. The video of John Gagnon explained that have a good ad that leads the customer to the landing page is so important. That has all the information you need about the company and gets the customer a chance to see your site and decide for themselves.

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