Is Big Spending the only way to have a Big Payout?

If you want to be on top you have to be will to spend to get there. But what if that’s not in your budget? Spending hundreds, maybe even thousands, isn’t the only way to reach the top of searches, but it does help. Optimizing your site with keywords, internal and external links, and engaging material can help you get there. 

When searching on Google many people tend to scroll past advertisements, which is good news for anyone not trying to break the bank. As Gagnon stated, consumers want quick results which means that they’re not usually willing to scroll past the fold. So if you follow SEO protocol you can reach these top tiers without rolling out large sums of money like larger companies. This means that spending the most money on search ads isn’t necessary. If you have the ability it’s helpful in increasing site traffic but if you’re willing to put in the work you can save yourself money and still reach the top of the rankings. 

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