Does spending more money help beat the competition?

Ad Pages:

It has become clear that when searching on a major search engines, some of the first things that will pop up depending on the keyword will be ads. These ads are clearly paid for and show up first in order to catch the consumers ads. These ads typically cost the most since the most people will see that ad. That doesn’t necessarily means that the ad has what the customer is actually looking, making them search a little deeper.

Optimizing Without Paying Absorbent amounts:

It is very important to be constantly researching in order to stay consistent with what the customers needs are. Having the key word that customers are likely to be searching for in your ad description is very important, this way it will link with more people’s searching helping you get higher on the search tab without having to pay as much as normally. Having quality information on your page after clicking on the ad page is very important for these ads. This is because it will help with the conversion rate after there has been a click, boosting the websites efficiency. If you are starting up you want to start with things that make a lot of sense online. The example was the shoes and how primarily with the Jimmy Choo type shoes they will be bought in store.

Building Blocks

In the video, John Gagnon discusses two types of building blocks that will help a search marketing campaign. It starts with the keywords and how much attraction it will bring to it. This is why the keyword research is important because it is the words that should catch the most eyes. After the keywords it leads into the ad copy, which discusses in a few words whether or not the customer should buy that products. To then how much you are willing to pay which is your bid on the product or service.

The fold

Being on the upper fold of a page is very important s many people primarily don’t scroll down or if they do they don’t typically scroll down all to much. People want there keywords to hit so well that the first thing that pops up is for them. This is why some of the keywords on major search engines cost so much, its pay to play with the big guys and everyone wants to be at the top. Certain keywords have more traffic than others which I am sire google and Bing are aware of, which is why they are able to charge higher amounts for certain keywords. To answer the question, yes, it does help to pay more money to beat the competition. Having certain keywords can help you avoid needing to pay absorbent amounts, but for some searches in order to be on top you have to be willing to pay.

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