Why I Clicked

The theory that everyone has an FBI agent on the other side of their phone listening to everything they say has become quite normal in the digital age. Personally, this means saying things that I’m shopping for out loud. Usually, this is a joke but during the period of quarantine online shopping was the only thing that kept me sane. Staring at my phone screen for hours became quite normal and clicking on random Instagram ads was not out of the ordinary for me. What made me click on these ads was the way they were curated to my style and taste. Usually seeing popup ads on my Instagram feed annoys me, they’re never trustworthy, and they tend to be completely random. It wasn’t until I started doing a lot of online shopping on my phone that these ads genuinely intrigued me. The more these ads fit my style and what I’d been shopping for on safari the more likely I was to follow the rabbit hole that is Instagram ads.

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