Form Or Function?

Website functionality is essentially what your website can do and how it works. It encompasses everything from the actions the user/ consumer can do to dynamics of the content on the website and how the website interacts. Developing and providing the right functionality of a website is crucial to the success of the website, and it should be an essential part of the planning phase. 

It’s nice to have an aesthetically pleasing website, but If you put form before function, you are sacrificing the consumer’s best interest for your own preferences. If your website’s design looks great but is hard to figure out, your visitors will be gone. Consumers don’t come to your site to appreciate the look of it, consumers want to buy the products on the website. 

What I’ve learned is that consumers have short attention spans and no patience. Businesses want to make the shopping experience convenient and easy for the consumer. You don’t want to complicate their lives, they are gone. Other sites are ready and waiting to meet their needs, so there is no reason they should struggle through your site. If you opt for form over function, your business’s website will most likely fail.

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