The Anatomy of the Perfect Pitch Email

The article that I chose to read was “The Anatomy of the Perfect Pitch Email” by Amanda Milligan. In this article, she goes on about how you capture an audience rather than push them away when sending out emails. The part that really stood out to me was when she stated there are many aspects to getting brand awareness for your clients, but promotion is the toughest part. Some of the tips she gives starts with human connection. In order for the consumer to interested, the email needs to be relatable. “But personalization or any kind of human connection is extremely important, and it should be the lead into the body of your email.” She also talks about main points. People don’t like to go around looking for the purpose of the email. Milligan recommends creating a bulleted list, so the purpose is clear and to the point.

How this Ties into Behavior Reporting

This article on how to write the perfect email goes hand in hand. In order to create content to put out to our consumers, we need to know about them first. We use customer segmentation to identify their likes, hobbies, demographics, which should all be a factor on how we market our services. Connecting with them on a similar level will not only attract them, but keep them loyal to the business. To have a general idea of what your consumers like, and what they’re turned off by is crucial when promoting your organization.

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