How Paid and Organic Can Complement Each Other

What is Paid and Organic Search Data?

Paid Search Data and Organic Search Data are two different tools that advertisers use to increase website traffic and in turn customers. Organic Search Data is data that is is gathered through search console data, using search terms and keywords to derive the traffic. This data is found for free without having to pay for advertisement, instead it uses search terms and keywords that are more likely to get hits, then other keywords and search terms. Paid Search data is data that is gathered through advertisements that are paid for by the company that is advertising. The data gathered from these advertisements that are placed on relevant websites that are similar to yours or have similar users to your website. This data is then measured in Clicks and the total cost of the the campaign, which in turn results in cost per click, where you can see how expensive each click is for your company.

How Paid and Organic Search Data can be used Together

In order for a company to fully maximize their online marketing presence they must utilize both Organic Search Data (SEO) and Paid Search Data (PPC). These two forms of data are not the same, but the data that they collect can be used to be beneficial for both parties and the advertising company in general. One way that SEO can help with the effectiveness of PPC is by taking the data collected by the SEO in terms of which region and demographic age that their users are most likely to look at their website. This can in turn be used by PPC, which can target that group of people, which will save the company money by maximizing their advertising budget.

Below is a video on how SEO and PPC can be used together.

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