How to Hit Your Target Audience

Figuring out your target

When deciding on what your target audience is going to be there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. For your affinity audience your goal is to find out what they are passionate about like hobbies or interests and try your hardest to appeal to them through those topics. This is a very popular method for sports stores such as Dick’s where there store is separated entirely by affinities with sections such as soccer, basketball, and lacrosse.

Applying the Concepts

Once a company has figured out a broad general affinity you can then break it down even further into custom affinities to really hone in on a certain group. One example of this could be for computers and you sell coolers but you don’t want to reach the broad audience for coolers instead you want to target people who use AMD cpu’s specially as you believe that’s where you can get the most customer satisfaction out of your product. Now that you’ve narrowed it down you can plan your advertisements accordingly. Some spots you might want to advertise would be the computers section on amazon or pc part builders websites. You can also advertise on apps such as streaming sites like Youtube or Twitch where you can really hone in on specific targets for Youtube like their Youtube Gaming section or for Twitch you could pick games that need a lot of power for graphics in which a cooler is very important.

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