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Making Connections

Connecting with your intended audience if you know nothing about them as consumers is like trying to guess your dog’s favorite color… Probably not gonna happen. But if you can identify your custom affinity audience, you can better build bridges to connect and make relationships with them that will keep them coming back. Analytics captures some of the information for you, but there are some things you should consider. Audience search through Google is a tool that will help you easily select the right audience for your brand by identifying your target market. Check out more below on how Google Audience Reports work.


How Stuff Works

Depending on the type of campaign, there are different strategies as far as reaching your audience. With any campaign, you’re best off reaching users based on their interests, or things they’re passionate about. For display campaigns, gather info about their milestones in life, re-market to users that have visited your site before, and reach similar audiences to the one you currently hold, who have similar interest to your current site visitors. If you’re running a search or video campaign, use detailed demographics to reach users based on facts about their lives. Also customer match, which is using CRM data to reach existing customers, can be effective.Hotel campaigns use re-marketing to click back into the minds of customers who have visited your business or your site before.

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