Using high value customers to get insight on experiments in GA.

Running experiments:

When running experiements in google analytics one of the things you should consider is who you want to be apart of your experiment. Having all the traffic thats coming onto your site may seem ideal becasue you would get alot of information . However, you should consider not everyone that comes to your site was meant to click there or may have different intentions then your expeirment is suppose to tell you.

Chose who is served your content

One way to chose who will be served up your experiment is to use the high value customers. You can customize who sees it by the amount of revenue you have generated from them. When creating the experiment you would chose to add a new audience, with conditions and create a condition for revenue; ex. Revenue – per user – greater than(“>”) -100. This way only consumers who generate over 100 inrevenue will be served up the experiment.

Why is this important?

This is important because you know that these users are return users and serious about using your company for their needs. They are more likely to be looking to purchase again than just a first time user. You will get better more helpful information this way. Check out this guide that will give you more information on the importance of using target audiences in experiments.

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