The Power Behind Clickbait

Ads have the reputation of being annoying and inconvenient when you are trying to complete a task. Popping up out of no where, you either become bothered by the ad or surprised at how convenient the ad relates to you.

When Clickbait Becomes Successful

I run into a lot of ads lately when searching through my social media platforms. Most of my ads that I run into have been related to searches I have made in the past. Having this filtered advertisement may allow a lot of people to click on ads that they see. Ads that have catchphrases or interesting pictures that draw the attention of a buyer earn the click they have been waiting for. Proposing questions or using attractive words such as SALE, get people interested for more information.

I Fell Into FabfitFun’s Clickbait

Usually on Instagram, I find myself seeing ads that appeal to my interests. One day while searching through my feed, I ran into a fabfitfun advertisement. This ad showed up with a video showing the latest box in their collection. They went through a sneak peak of what they had to offer in one of their boxes. Along with the video, fabfitfun had strategically placed the value of what all the products cost in the box compared to their asking price. My curiosity drove me to click on the ad and see what I could get out of purchasing a box for myself. After clicking on the ad, I was able to get more information and confirm the likelihood of buying a box. With their success at creating appealing clickbait, fabfitfun had me on their website in no time.

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