Is email marketing dead in todays marketing world?

In the past, email marketing was the most popular form of marketing businesses would use. However, as technology has grown, the internet had become noisy. Because of so much happening on the internet, emails became increasingly avoided. Has this caused email marketing to be dead?

Email marketing is not completely dead, but it has been proven that the email click through rate is falling, and has been falling over the past years. With email marketing, there are a lot of email regulations – how long the email can be, what’s in the email, who the company is allowed to send the email to, and so on. In addition, emails often fall into a place in our inbox that we don’t read; for example a coupon for L.L. Bean may be sent to the “promotions” section of our emails. How many individuals go into that promotion section and look through? Usually, not many, unless that individual is in the market for L.L. Bean.

To contrast this point, there are now more efficient ways to use email marketing, like people based marketing, where consumers are selected and the email is not sent to the whole world where it is most likely to be avoided. There are options for the consumer to double opt-in, granting their permission for these emails that they will open and read because they signed up for it.

In the bigger picture, however, email marketing is not prospering the way it used to. There are many more platforms of social media where marketing is done, and is opened and viewed by many more individuals. These platforms include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more. As previously stated, there are different ways of utilizing email marketing that make it more efficient. Ultimately concluding that email marketing is not dead, but it is not as beneficial as it used to be.

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