Is Email Marketing Dead?

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is when a company or business sends a commercial message via email to current or prospective customers. The emails can be used to include an advertisement, a request for business, to request donations, or solicit sales.

How does a Company Utilize Effective and Ethical Email Marketing?

The first step a company takes to start marketing through email is to obtain email lists. Some ways they can do this is through a customer’s purchase and from discount pop-up ads on a website. It is in a company’s best interest to use ethical capture techniques so that they aren’t blocked by spam filters or end the company in hot water later down the line for the ways they use their data.

Customers also like not getting too many or too little emails from a company, so it is important to have a good context in your emails. If someone has too many emails from multiple companies in their inbox, a user will often let them sit unopened and eventually forget about them or delete them. That being so, email is still a prevalent form of communication between individuals, companies, corporations, colleges, and governments alike, and is used frequently. Email marketing isn’t dead, but I do think it needs a revamp to match standards of communication in this new decade.

How to Improve Email Marketing

After watching Larry Kim’s Stukent video, I learned that there are many ways to make email marketing generate more engagement.

One way is a new advertising technology that allows the company to create a custom audience to divide out who gets what type of email. This is helpful because it allows you to see data from who the email is reaching and whether or not it is effective.

Another way to generate more engagement is by social remarketing. Kim states that social remarketing generates 3x more engagement rates and 2x more conversion rates. This shows that there are different techniques to make sure that email marketing is both effective and ethical and even though email marketing may have lost its touch in the last few years, there is always room for improvement and many ways a company can utilize this wave of communication.

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