The New Age of Email Marketing

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People focused, targeted marketing is more important than ever to get the impacts that you are looking for. To do that, we must rethink traditional Email marketing.

The Golden Age is Gone

The golden age of Email Marketing as we may know it is gone. Due to stricter laws on what you can and cannot send to people, dungeons tossing away well-intended emails, and overall noise cluttering up people’s inboxes every day, email marketing is not as effective as it used to be. Every quarter, businesses are seeing a decline in the impact that traditional email marketing has on their leads and consumers. But that doesn’t mean it is dead.

A New Way of Thinking

A new form of email marketing is emerging and making a big impact. The PPC Email Marketing strategy focuses on custom audiences, primed to desire your content, and be interested in what you have to say, improving your chances of engagement. The purpose of this is to segment your audiences to make sure they send a message that hooks them into interacting. This could mean having a segment for high ticket price spenders, people who put items in the cart but never checked out, or those who just visited for a short while and left. The importance of sending the right message to the right person is critical to cutting through the noise of other emails that are vying for the same attention.

Dynamic Remarketing

Those who offer up their information to you and are thus familiar with your brand are three times more likely to engage and are twice as likely to purchase your goods and services than someone who has no idea who you are and is unfamiliar with what your brand is. Offering up information and opportunities to those who fit in the identified categories will increase the chances of securing a purchase as well as developing a more intimate relationship.

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