Wendy’s Custom Campaign

“Fresh, Never Frozen Beef”

Wendy’s is a restaurant that competes with the best fast food restaurants throughout the world. They are a direct competitor to the giants that are McDonald’s and Burger King. The Wendy’s logo consists of a young female who has red hair, freckles and has pigtails. That is how many people visualize Wendy’s. However, that is not the way that Wendy’s likes to advertise themselves. Instead, they use a slogan, which has changed many times over the last twenty years, but is currently “Fresh, Never Frozen Beef”. They use this slogan whenever an advertisement is put out by the company. The slogan might not be in bold or flashing lights, but it is said or seen in every advertisement. They use this slogan to help differentiate their product from their direct competitors, McDonalds and Burger King, who don’t offer as quality of a product. Below their is a link to the slogans that Wendy’s has used over the past 20 years, so you can see if you remember any of them!

10+ Wendy’s Slogans Today, and Over the Years

Multiple Channel Campaigns

Wendy’s recently brought back spicy chicken nuggets to their menu. This was after the fans of the nuggets calling for years to bring back the spicy nuggets. One very notable fan, named Chance the Rapper, requested the nuggets to be brought back via his twitter account. This social media demand of bringing back the spicy chicken nuggets was a way for Wendy’s to drum up interest for the nuggets, ranging from devout fans to people who have never had Wendy’s before. If you search “Best spicy chicken nuggets” on your favorite search platform right now, the first name you will see is Wendy’s. This is an example of Wendy’s doing a great job of tagging the keyword of a highly advertised product in “Spicy Chicken Nuggets” or “Spicy Nuggs” as Wendy’s like to call them. Wendy’s isn’t the only fast food restaurant that sells spicy nuggets, but the advertising campaign associates them with the product more than any other company.

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