I picked an article called, “The Anatomy of the Perfect Pitch Email” by Amanda Milligan. I picked this article because we talk about email ads in class a lot and how many people just delete them or are not attracted to them. I personally always delete ads on my email because they feel fake to me. So, I thought it would be interesting see the perspective of what a “perfect pitch” email looks like.

Buyer Behavior

She talks about how the number 1 priority and the most important step is to form the email, in this case, to a writer. To make it as personable as you can so the recipient of the email can relate to it. She uses examples of seeing the individuals social media and trying to identify anything that you can relate with one another. when identifying a common relation, you want it to be short and sweet. Then the next step is to get to the point of your email, in other words – the reason you are sending this email in the first place. Amanda says to take 3 main points you want the reader to get out of the email and portray them in short segment.

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