Reaching Your Target Market Using Custom Affinity Audiences

What Are Custom Affinity Audiences?

When looking for your target market it would be helpful to know as much as you can about the people who are interested in what you have to share. When using custom affinity audiences you can learn more in depth what your audience is like not just their broad demographic. Using these audiences allows you to get the most efficient amount of people that you are targeting rather than having a broader target that won’t even look at what you have to offer.

Important Combination of all Custom Affinity Audiences

Advertisers can make their custom affinity audiences by using many different ways. They can use keyword phrases when people search on the internet for their interests. You can also use URLs to see what specific categories people are interested in on your website. Also, you can see what types of places people are interested in and their hobbies. If your company has an app it can be placed in a certain category and pop up with similar ads. For example, if you search for the ESPN app you will also see the NFL app, the ESPN plus app, and many other sports apps. This will narrow your target market down and make it easier for your company to reach these people who are most interested in your product.

Watch this video below to get started using custom affinity audiences.

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