Tracking Free & Paid Media

Paid Ads

When someone sees ads on different websites, one can assume that a company is paying for them to see them. paid ads help attract more people and more traffic to certain webpages. Paid ads are budgeted within a company, but not paid ads cannot only work on their own. These paid are often paired with organic searches to become the most successful when trying to attract consumers.

SEO is a cheaper and more affordable way that is used. These methods include keywords that consumers can use to help find your website. Links also help when using SEO. This is because consumers are more likely to click on the links to redirect them to another part of your website. An example of redirecting would be to a merchandise part of a website.

PPC is when a company pays for different target markets to see their websites. The only problem with this method is that it can become very expensive, “some industries see relatively low click costs, others┬ácan be upwards of $10 per click” So, in the long run it can become a profit loss for companies. But when PPC and SEO are combined together it can help with the expenses of just using PPC.

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