The Importance of Tagging and its Impact

What Users are doing?

Collecting this data with tags can be very important for instance if you track whether or not people are buying items after putting them in their cart. This can help you determine how to get people into the final step in buying the item. This is greatly used by Amazon as when I have an item in the cart but click off the website I receive an email in the next few days letting me know I have an item sitting in my cart. In doing so they plan to put my mind back on the product and maybe Ill buy it or they think that I have walked away from my computer and maybe just forgot about it so then it will remind me to purchase it.

Using Tags to Sell

Using tags to track what people are looking for can help to determine what is selling well and what isn’t. In the video below Ryan Stewart talks about how the difference between the keyword “flat lace” and “flat laces” is huge because this implies that they are looking for the type when they look for flat laces compared to just flat lace where they already have their mind set on the product.

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