Reporting on a website

When reporting on trends in your campaign, there are many tools that are available to be used.  One of the most important tools one could use is the URL inspection tool.  This tool can be used to troubleshoot problems with the URL and report any problems that come up with the URL.  Developing a strong URL is important to having success in bringing in people to view your website and having easy access in viewing it again.  Another important tool is the mobile usage report.  This gives you a report on the mobile usability of the pages on your site.  This makes it easier to see how well the site works for mobile users.  However, some tools have now been replaced by other tools.  Two of these are message reports which have been replaced by message panels and web tools which have been replaced by various other tools.  These legacy reports have not gone away because it is important to keep them around to gain important information about your websites.  Both tools are beneficial to understanding what’s happening on your website.  Legacy tools can be used to give more detailed information as to what the website is showing and how it’s doing while the reports at a glance is less detailed and just gives a general overview of the site.  Both are extremely important to having a successful website.

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