SEO and PPC Data Being Combined


Although Google Search console and Google Ads are different applications, they can be brought in to one to help a website. Their data reports can be integrated, which creates a lot of useful data for a website. Both of these are very strong tools to help the success of a website.

Similarites of Google Ads and Search Console

Google search console and Google Ads each do their own thing, but in the end they have a lot of similar data. A very useful example of data that both of these produce is being able to look at search queries. This allows the website owner the opportunity to look at what users are putting into their search engines. When using Ads, this helps show that the advertisements are being shown. Both of these also show data on a lot of similar things such as sessions,clicks, and bounce rate. All of these can be very useful to help promote the success of a website.

How they can be brought together

The data that is collected in Google Ads, can make a big impact on how organic campaigns are approached. Having good organic campaigns make the SEO on your website better. Even if you are paying for a campaign, you can use the data from this to produce a organic campaign. For example, if you are using a certain video and it is getting a lot of clicks in a paid campaign, it wouldn’t hurt the SEO strategy to also use it in a organic campaign. If a paid campaign is ended and similar things are being used, it would now only show up in the organic page.Integrating both of these together is a great use of your resources. Leveraging them off one another can help a website be very successful.

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