Turning enemies into friends SEO and PPC

Best of Both Worlds

When looking at organic searches vs paid searches it seems as though organic is the foundation in which to choose your paid keywords. For example when looking at all of your organic searches you can then see how people are getting to your site and then using those same paid keywords in order to reach a larger audience and hone in on an audience that has a higher conversion to make you money making the advertisement worth it.

The Power of Teamwork

Using these two forms combined can have exponentially favorable results compared to looking at them both as separate. Often times people see these as two very different things which have no place being combined when in fact they are best when you bounce the results off of each other and use them to improve each one. There is also just the fact that well data is data and it’s essential so having two ways to absorb this data is far better than just one. Most importantly these two searches give you an idea of turning views into paying customers based on what they like and what their searches are.

Which to Choose

While both are important to have it is important to know when to use each. Paid ads obviously cost money and can be expensive but they guarantee that you’ll have a much higher priority of order compared to those who rely on organic searches. Organic searches while not prioritized can still generate a large number of views due to just how many people are connected to the internet with millions on every day you have a pretty good chance that someone will match your keywords so well that you might get top of the page in which you can then use that data to work off of.


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