The Ad That Almost Got Away

One day I was on my phone planning my spring break trip to Tampa, Florida. At the time, I was frequently searching for low budget vacation gear, specifically bathing suits. After half an hour of no luck, I decided to scroll through Instagram. As I am scrolling through the feed, nothing catches my eye, so I switch to see if there’s any exciting news or moments on Instagram stories (Instagram stories are a 24 hour viewing experience/forum). As I am viewing the stories I accidentally clicked onto an ad for a swim suit company called Zaful. 

Zaful is an online shop for swimwear. Kind of like the eyewear company, Warby Parker, it is only online. There is no in person store. So, online ads are Zaful’s main way to gain consumer attention. The quality and design of their swim suits are amazing, and their prices are more than affordable for a college student. I ended up buying three bathing suits, and because I bought more than one, shipping and handling ended up being around $10 cheaper.

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