You Don’t Need Search Ads to Get Noticed By Your Target Audience

The User Experience

When you open Google to search a question or topic, one of the first things you will see are ads for websites at the top. How often do you choose to visit those sites first? Probably not often, and here is why.

People Hate Ads

It is simple, ads are annoying and typically do not feel authentic so people are less likely to interact with them because they aren’t looking to help you, they want to help themselves and want the best answers for it.

When someone sees an ad online, they do not trust it because it seems desperate. It is trying to push the sale rather than the solution. This is why other sites, that instead push strong SEO, consistently updated info, and versatile owned content can reach so many more people and rank higher in searches.

How to Be Like Big Spenders

Big companies like Geico insurance have lots of money to throw around, but they do not just use their money without value. They keep people on their site to keep racking up the value of their site. Utilizing landing pages, external hyperlinks, and other user engaging experiences keeps customers on your site longer. You could very easily do this too. Customize ads and experiences to the site, make everything one cohesive experience.

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How to Beat Big Spenders

Activity and key phrasing are vital. Consistent, quality owned content that is uploaded frequently will push your website ahead. The goal of the site is to solve a person’s problem, not to push a sale (at least not outright). The more time spent on helping the customer grow and solve their problems, the better you will rank; and ultimately beat the big spenders that care only about the bottom line.

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If You Can’t Beat the Odds, Change the Game

The chances of your ad beating a big name company are small. But remember that people hate ads, and want to first solve a problem. Ads are still valuable, but not primary when reaching your audience. Instead, focus on tending to their needs, consistently, and honestly, and you will find that success can be much cheaper than $50 per click.

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