Teens & Tweens

Team @Guerillaz Both form and function of a landing page are essential. These particular factors of a site are what seemingly potentials leads may first be drawn to when visiting said website. To start, the form is ultimately how the site flows as a whole or the layout of a web page and its main […]

How many cookies could the cookie monster eat; if the cookie monster could eat cookies?

Do these images look familiar? If so, you have previous experience with ‘cookie data’. As you can see, the consumer must allow or grant the company to have access to this data. With that being said, as long as there is consent from the consumer it is ethical for digital marketing professionals to have access […]

Advertising Reimagined

The average person will see around 5,000 ads a day according to Joe Pulizzi from the Content Marketing Institute. That is a LOT of noise. But is every message worth hearing? No, which is why we filter what we pay attention to. If the message isn’t enticing, you move on. This is an issue for […]