How many cookies could the cookie monster eat; if the cookie monster could eat cookies?

Do these images look familiar? If so, you have previous experience with ‘cookie data’. As you can see, the consumer must allow or grant the company to have access to this data. With that being said, as long as there is consent from the consumer it is ethical for digital marketing professionals to have access […]

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Email is no longer the “golden age of marketing” like it used to be. More often than not emails get filtered into separate folders like spam and promotions. Some apps even give you the option to unsubscribe if you haven’t opened a companies email in awhile. If the marketing barely reaches the consumer, what’s the […]

The Ad That Almost Got Away

One day I was on my phone planning my spring break trip to Tampa, Florida. At the time, I was frequently searching for low budget vacation gear, specifically bathing suits. After half an hour of no luck, I decided to scroll through Instagram. As I am scrolling through the feed, nothing catches my eye, so […]

Making Your Site Ranked On Google

The steps to creating a ranking site on Google are not as easy as it may seem. When attempting to make your site ranked on google you should start by searching ranked competitors that are similar to your brand and even have a similar site finding a keyword- a starting idea, a simple keyword.  Using […]