New and Improving Search Console

What’s New? The new search console is a cleaned up version of the old search console. Although it provides more information then the old console it is easier to navigate and allows users to find the most important information they need. According to “New Google Search Console design and user interface: here’s what changed and […]

How I Expect This Class to Increase My Brain Power

What I am expecting gain from this class is a better understanding of how google analytics work. I want to be able to be have enough knowledge about google analytics that I can successfully use it for future business. I know that marketing is huge and is growing and has always been a huge part […]

Expectations and Goals

Last Semester…. Last semester, I took digital marketing and learned new skills to allow myself to prosper in my career. As a marketing major, it is important to keep up with the digital age and learn to use various media platforms. Throughout the course, I learned to utilize Google Analytics and Adwords, as well as […]

Reflections on Last Semester

I really enjoyed taking Digital Marketing last semester! I felt like it was the first ‘hands on’ experience I had at Nazareth with tools that I will actually use in my career. It got me to think more about the possibility of working in the digital marketing analytics field. Goals for This Semester This semester […]

We’re off to a great start!

Naz digital marketing analytics is going to be great. How this is different than last semester… Just wait and see. What we plan to learn… All things digital!

How The Search Console Changed

The Old Console While the old console did not provide as many months of data as the new console, there are some great features that were included. One example is the HTML status report that showed what needed to be fixed in order for Google bots to “crawl” the site more effectively. This allowed for […]

The Next Step Of Stairs

MKT 369 sparked my interest when reading the coarse description. Was somewhat never when beginning the class, but by the end was very confident because I learned a lot of information that can be used in a variety of career paths. Figuring out keywords that will spark interest/draw in future or potential consumers was very […]

Some Big Shoes to Fill

Throughout the journey of MKT 370 my hopes and expectations are high. I hope that my skills in GA will be sharpened and that I can efficiently create clear analysis of data. I hope to learn to develop dashboards that will help pull data tell the stories of what audiences are doing on sites, what […]

Big Expectations

Just last semester I took Digital Marketing and I was able get a good grasp on digital analytics. I learned a lot of things that I will be able to put to use in a future job. I also feel that Digital Marketing analytics will give me 100% more information to take in and learn […]

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