In this blog I will be diving into the importance of paid ads and organic search. First I will discuss organic search, then paid, then I will break them down in a comparison. SEO When you think about organic search you think google. While this is by far the most popular search engine, there are […]


Both SEO and PPC can be essential to drive traffic to a companies website, but each plays a different role. It can become tough for a company to decide which type of marketing to use so it is important to look at what does what! SEO Uses SEO is a cost effective tool that can […]

Tracking Free & Paid Media

Paid Ads When someone sees ads on different websites, one can assume that a company is paying for them to see them. paid ads help attract more people and more traffic to certain webpages. Paid ads are budgeted within a company, but not paid ads cannot only work on their own. These paid are often […]

Paid Ads vs. Organic Search

Search engines and media channels, Facebook and Instagram for example, are constantly changing their algorithms to push these “boosts” or paid advertisements and increase their profits. With tech developments like this websites need to understand and utilize both paid and organic traffic to be successful. Neither of these options is proven to be enough on […]

Free and Paid Media Tracking

PPC vs. SEO The age old question about which one is better but is there really one definitive answer? There are pros and cons to both and it all depends on what you’re looking for and what you’re trying to accomplish. Why SEO? SEO is free to use which is one of the most attractive […]

Which is better: Organic or Paid Search?

SEO vs. PPC… When creating a marketing campaign often times you have to decide if you are going to go the organic route (SEO) or have paid advertisements (PPC). Now, ‘which is better’ is actually highly subjective; as with most things when it comes to the field of marketing – we always have to be […]

Paid vs Free

Both SEO and PPC marketing strategies can help grow awareness of a business through its campaign. But what strategy is the most cost effective? This is not an easy answer, and for most there really is no answer. It all depends on the budget of the campaign, and also how exactly the business wants to […]


Paid Ads vs Organic Search SEO has to do with ranking the organic search results from a search engine while PPC is related to paid advertising. There are pros and cons of each of these strategies when it comes to promoting growth in a business. Companies have to ask themselves if it is more beneficial […]

Paid vs Free Ads

Overview: Both organic searches and paid ads are part of the process on how your consumers reach your goal. When starting a campaign you have a budget that can be spread out evenly, divided based on thought of importance, or going all in on a specific aspect. Obviously, this depends on the type of campaign […]

Free and Paid Media Tracking

Many people approach SEO and PPC as completely separate strategies. And while they are different in many ways, it can be helpful to think of SEO and PPC as being two sides of the same coin, thus searching. There are many ways in which SEO and PPC efforts complement each other, and lead to a […]

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