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A/B Testing

What is it? A/B testing is the process of creating two different variations of a webpage and seeing which returns the wanted result more often. This is done by changing one or two things on a webpage and using them at similar times. Therefore you can see how the pages work without external factors effecting […]

Using STP to Target Your Buyer

Picture this: A group of teenagers in the mall on a Friday. They’re running around with their friends and have ten dollars from their parents to spend on dinner. They all go into Panera Bread and decide to order the 5$ mac and cheese, a cookie, and the good old “water cup”. At the table […]


Overview Cleary there are many different ways and strategies to gain your audience and users. The best way to attract your audience, is by knowing who they are! A good way to do this is called, segmentation. Segmentation gives you the opportunity to take your audience as a whole and divide it into 4 different […]

Applying STP to Email Campaigns

An Overview of Segmentation Segmentation is a crucial step in identifying and dividing audiences into groups from a marketers perspective. We must be able to group our audiences so that we know which steps need to be taken in order to reach each group specifically. It is important to look at aspects such as demographics, […]

Applying STP to Email Campaigns

STP: Delivering more relevant, personalized messages to your audience We’re not tying to target everyone, the goal here is to figure out who your audience is, because no matter what you think it is not everyone. This is what STP does for us. Segmentation divides our audience into smaller and more condensed groups based on […]

Applying STP to Email Campaigns

Hinge Dating websites are a prime example of a business that needs to understand who their users are and what they want. Because of this Hinge has a “form” at the creation of a profile. From this there are two major segments in which Hinge needs to use to understand their customers. First being their […]

Applying STP to Email Campaigns

What is Segmentation? The main principle behind the process is to segment your audience, target each segmented group according to their preferences and habits, and make positioning adjustments in your branding and marketing strategies to accommodate their needs and expectations. The reason why the segmentation, targeting, and positioning process is so effective is that it […]

Applying STP to Email Campaigns

Allbirds Segmentation: Segmentation is the process of breaking up your audience in to smaller, similar groups. The purpose of this is to be able to then tweak your marketing for each group to help cover more ground. Instead of marketing to just one “target,” you are adjusting to show how your product can help satisfy […]

Applying STP to Email Campaigns

The ability to apply the purpose of segmentation, targeting and positioning in a way that you can produce effective and helpful information are the signs of a company with smart marketing tactics. In my opinion, the most important one of those three is the segmentation because it can break up your audience or potential consumers […]

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