Is Tracking And Analyzing Consumer Behavior Ethical?

As long as there is consent from the consumer it is ethical for digital marketing professionals to have access to cookiedata. Individuals/consumers also have the option to deny the company to monitor their every move on the site, or the individual/consumer could open an ‘Incognito’ browser. In my opinion, the individual/consumer will most likely benefit from granting the company access to monitoring cookie data. Allowing […]

Ethical or Unethical

Throughout this semester we have discussed the topics of privacy and information security and how websites like Google Analytics can track data like how many page views a company receives or how many people have clicked through their website. In addition, we learned about Cookies, and how it examines data such as interests, demographics, location, […]

How many cookies could the cookie monster eat; if the cookie monster could eat cookies?

Do these images look familiar? If so, you have previous experience with ‘cookie data’. As you can see, the consumer must allow or grant the company to have access to this data. With that being said, as long as there is consent from the consumer it is ethical for digital marketing professionals to have access […]

Ethics of Tracking User Data

In the online space, people understand that a certain amount of data will be collected. From a digital marketing perspective, it is best to collect as much data as possible. This is in order to better market to your audience. However, this is in conflict with internet users who value their digital privacy. In general, […]