Is it ethical?

As we have taken a closer look at Google Analytics, we have seen the amount of our information that is tracked. All of this information is tracked by cookies. Not the delicious kind that grandma makes, but the cookie data like demographics, location, source (where you came from), and your marketing interests. This information “follows” […]

Is Tracking Consumer Behavior Ethical?

The internet is everywhere nowadays. Even in our refrigerators. With the internet being so easily accessible nowadays, consumers can find what they want at extreme speeds. Although it’s a positive to find whatever you want, it’s viewed pretty negatively that these companies have such easy access to your information. The question remains though; is tracking […]

Ethical Tracking

How to Use Ethical Tracking If a company asks you for information and you enter it they now have the right to that information. This is because they aren’t allowed to track personal information and usually you give them it. That is where their permission with this stops though. I think its fair game for […]

User Data: Who Owns It?

Facebook knows more about you than your own mother. Seriously. As a matter of fact, even before the age of user data, catalogs from department stores were accurately predicting which consumers were pregnant before they could even report this sensitive information to their families. By law, users don’t have possession of their own data, and […]