Using Ecommerce Tracking

What is Ecommerce? If you sell products or have any sort of transaction on your site you can analyze this activity with the ecommerce reports. Setting it up: Tracking ecommerce on your sight is not automatically set up in google analytics, there are a few short steps to getting it set up. First you need […]

Find Your Target

When finding a target, Google Analytics can guide you to your need(s). Google Analytics offers target Audiences to be created in Optimize, giving the option to create new audiences from scratch, and you can import any of your existing segments to use as the basis for new audiences. Once you’ve gathered your audience, it becomes […]

Google Analytics vs. Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation and Google Analytics are two essential tools needed in today’s digital marketing age. There are benefits to both of these platforms. The benefits of using Google Analytics and Marketing Automation Google Analytics offers good insight on users and how they are interacting with your website. Users of Google Analytics can see demand-related engagement […]

How to Gain Traffic on Your Website

Targeting the Right People One of the largest challenges people face when running a website is how to keep visitors coming back to the site. Google Analytics has helped make this less of an issue with audience targeting. Creating a target audience is easy if you know who you’re targeting. Analytics will create an audience […]